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2024-2024 MAR 27 LI LT; LIU XL; YANG SS; LI MJ; WU YW; HU SQ; WANG WJ; JIANG AM; ZHANG QQ;  ZHANG JB; MA XL; HU JY; ZHAO QH; LIU YB; LI D; HU JJ; YANG CL; FENG W; WANG XC; The HEAT repeat  protein HPO-27 is a lysosome fission factor NATURE 2024, ( ): - 64.8
2024-JAN ZHENG L; YANG TT; GUO HT; QI C; LU YC; XIAO HN; GAO Y; LIU Y; YANG YX; ZHOU  MR; NGUYEN HC; ZHU Y; SUN F; ZHANG CY; JI XY; Cryo-EM structures of  human SID-1 transmembrane family proteins and implications for their  low-pH-dependent RNA transport activity CELL RESEARCH 2024,34(1):80-83 44.1
2024-APR FAN L; LIU JW; HU W; CHEN ZX; LAN J; ZHANG TT; ZHANG Y; WU XP; ZHONG ZW;  ZHANG DY; ZHANG JL; QIN R; CHEN H; ZONG YF; ZHANG JM; CHEN B; JIANG J; CHENG JF;  ZHOU JY; GAO ZW; LIU ZJ; CHAI Y; FAN JQ; WU P; CHEN YX; ZHU YF; WANG K; YUAN Y;  HUANG PT; ZHANG Y; FENG HQ; SONG KC; ZENG X; ZHU W; HU XY; YIN WW; CHEN W; WANG  JA; Targeting  pro-inflammatory T cells as a novel therapeutic approach to potentially resolve  atherosclerosis in humans CELL RESEARCH 2024,34(4):331-331 44.1
2024-2024 MAR 18 YE YT; WANG YQ; ZHUANG Y; TAN HB; ZUO ZT; YUN HQ; YUAN KQ; ZHOU W; Decomposition of an  odorant in olfactory perception and neural representation NATURE HUMAN BEHAVIOUR 2024, ( ): - 29.9
2024-MAR FAN HZ; ZHENG JJ; XIE JY; LIU JW; GAO XF; YAN XY; FAN KL; GAO LZ; Surface Ligand  Engineering Ruthenium Nanozyme Superior to Horseradish Peroxidase for Enhanced  Immunoassay ADVANCED MATERIALS 2024,36(10): - 29.4
2024-MAR GAO LZ; WEI H; DONG SJ; YAN XY; The Nanozymes ADVANCED MATERIALS 2024,36(10): - 29.4
2024-MAR WANG ZR; ZHAO Y; HOU YX; TANG GH; ZHANG RF; YANG YL; YAN XY; FAN KL; A Thrombin-Activated  Peptide-Templated Nanozyme for Remedying Ischemic Stroke via Thrombolytic and  Neuroprotective Actions ADVANCED MATERIALS 2024,36(10): - 29.4
2024-MAR 5 CHEN C; ZHANG ZX; LIU CY; SUN PK; LIU P; LI XJ; ABCG2 is an itaconate  exporter that limits antibacterial innate immunity by alleviating TFEB-dependent  lysosomal biogenesis CELL METABOLISM 2024,36(3): - 29
2024-2024 APR 3 LIU QJ; JIAO LJ; YE MS; MA ZY; YU JS; SU LY; ZOU WY; YANG LX; CHEN C; YAO  YG; GSNOR negatively  regulates the NLRP3 inflammasome viaS-nitrosation of MAPK14 CELLULAR & MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY 2024, ( ): - 24.1
2024-JAN 3 LEI JH; JIANG XY; HUANG DY; JING Y; YANG SS; GENG LL; YAN YP; ZHENG FS;  CHENG F; ZHANG WQ; BELMONTE JCI; LIU GH; WANG S; QU J; Human ESC-derived  vascular cells promote vascular regeneration in a HIF-1伪 dependent  manner PROTEIN & CELL 2024,15(1):36-51 21.1
2024-FEB 1 LIU P; HU JJ; WANG L; SARS-CoV-2 ORF8 does not  function in the nucleus as a histone mimic PROTEIN & CELL 2024,15(2):79-82 21.1
2024-MAR 25 YANG ZB; LI DD; CHEN LG; QIU FC; YAN SH; TANG MJ; WANG CL; WANG LH; LUO Y;  SUN F; HAN JG; FAN CH; LI J; WANG HB; Near-Field Terahertz  Morphological Reconstruction Nanoscopy for Subsurface Imaging of Protein  Layers ACS NANO 2024,18(14):10104-10112 17.1
2024-2024 MAR 28 YANG XL; HU TY; LIANG JX; XIONG ZQ; LIN ZL; ZHAO Y; ZHOU XT; GAO Y; SUN S;  YANG XA; GUDDAT LW; YANG HT; RAO ZH; ZHANG B; An oligopeptide  permease, OppABCD, requires an iron-sulfur cluster domain for  functionality NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2024, ( ): - 16.8
2024-2024 APR 8 QIU YL; GAO YW; HUANG B; BAI QR; ZHAO Y; Transport mechanism  of presynaptic high-affinity choline uptake by CHT1 NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2024, ( ): - 16.8
2024-FEB 28 DENG XST; SUN W; LI XY; WANG JY; CHENG Z; SHENG G; WANG YL; An anti-CRISPR that  represses its own transcription while blocking Cas9-target DNA binding NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2024,15(1): - 16.6
2024-MAR 30 WEI YQ; YU ZY; WANG LL; LI XJ; LI N; BAI QR; WANG YH; LI RJ; MENG YF; XU H;  WANG XP; DONG YL; HUANG Z; ZHANG XC; ZHAO Y; Structural bases of  inhibitory mechanism of CaV1.2 channel inhibitors NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2024,15(1): - 16.6
2024-2024 MAR 6 JIANG W; HOU XY; QI YB; WANG ZG; LIU Y; GAO XJ; WU TT; GUO JC; FAN KL; SHANG  WJ; pH-Activatable  Pre-Nanozyme Mediated H2S Delivery for Endo-Exogenous Regulation of  Oxidative Stress in Acute Kidney Injury ADVANCED SCIENCE 2024, ( ): - 15.1
2024-MAR 29 ZHU XP; HONG S; BU JC; LIU YP; LIU C; LI RH; ZHANG TT; ZHANG ZQ; LI LP; ZHOU  XY; HUA ZL; ZHU B; HOU BD; Antiviral memory B cells  exhibit enhanced innate immune response facilitated by epigenetic  memory SCIENCE ADVANCES 2024,10(13): - 13.6
2024-JAN CHU DC; QU H; HUANG XP; SHI Y; LI K; LIN WZ; XU ZB; LI DD; CHEN H; GAO LZ;  WANG W; WANG HH; Manganese Amplifies  Photoinduced ROS in Toluidine Blue Carbon Dots to Boost MRI Guided  Chemo/Photodynamic Therapy SMALL 2024,20(4): - 13.3
2024- ZHANG JL; YUAN C; KONG LF; ZHU FY; YUAN WZ; ZHANG JY; HONG JJ; DENG F; CHEN  Q; CHEN C; WANG T; ZUO ZT; LIANG MM; H-ferritin-nanocaged  gadolinium nanoparticles for ultra-sensitive MR molecular imaging THERANOSTICS 2024,14(5):1956-1965 12.4
2024-MAR 1 LIU S; LUO HX; ZHANG P; LI YY; HAO D; ZHANG SJ; SONG TR; XU T; HE SM; Adaptive Selection of  Cis-regulatory Elements in the Han Chinese MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 2024,41(3): - 10.7
2024-2024 APR 2 HE SB; LIN MT; ZHENG QH; LIANG B; HE XJ; ZHANG Y; XU QX; DENG HH; FAN KL;  CHEN W; Glucose Oxidase Energized  Osmium with Dual-Active Centers and Triple Enzyme Activities for Infected  Diabetic Wound Management ADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS 2024, ( ): - 10
2024-MAR WANG DJ; WANG J; LIU D; HE JY; WANG MY; HUANG HB; NIE GH; DING H; YAN XY; Rapid and sensitive  detection of Epstein-Barr virus antibodies in nasopharyngeal carcinoma by  chemiluminescence strips based on iron-porphyrin single atom nanozyme NANO RESEARCH 2024,17(3):1827-1836 9.9
2024-MAR HONG JJ; GUO ZJ; DUAN DH; ZHANG Y; CHEN X; LI YJ; TU Z; FENG L; CHEN L; YAN  XY; GAO LZ; LIANG MM; DUAN DM; Highly sensitive  nanozyme strip: an effective tool for forensic material evidence  identification NANO RESEARCH 2024,17(3):1785-1791 9.9
2024-MAR 23 ZHANG XX; XIE YY; HUANG D; ZHANG XZ; TANG XY; CHEN L; LUO SZ; LOU JZ; HE CZ; Rapid and Mechanically  Robust Immobilization of Proteins on Silica Studied at the Single-Molecule Level  by Force Spectroscopy and Verified at the Macroscopic Level ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2024,16(13):16962-16972 9.5
2024-MAR 27 ZHANG L; SONG WK; ZHU TH; LIU Y; CHEN W; CAO Y; ConvNeXt-MHC: improving  MHC-peptide affinity prediction by structure-derived degenerate coding and the  ConvNeXt model BRIEFINGS IN BIOINFORMATICS 2024,25(3): - 9.5
2024-2024 APR 9 WU ZZ; ZANG YZ; LI CY; HE ZH; LIU JY; DU ZQ; MA XR; JING L; DUAN HX; FENG J;  YAN XY; CD146, a therapeutic  target involved in cell plasticity SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2024, ( ): - 9.1
2024-2024 APR 10 MA B; CHEN HD; GONG JY; LIU WQ; WEI XL; ZHANG YJ; LI X; LI M; WANG YN; SHANG  SY; TIAN BX; LI YH; WANG RH; TAN ZP; Enhancing Protein  Solubility via Glycosylation: From Chemical Synthesis to Machine Learning  Predictions BIOMACROMOLECULES 2024, ( ): - 6.2
2024-FEB 7 GONG HN; WANG XN; HU XZ; LIAO MR; YUAN CQ; LU JR; GAO LZ; YAN XH; Effective Treatment  of Helicobacter pylori Infection Using Supramolecular Antimicrobial Peptide  Hydrogels BIOMACROMOLECULES 2024,25(3):1602-1611 6.2
2024-FEB WU K; BU FX; WU Y; ZHANG G; WANG X; HE SM; LIU MF; CHEN RS; YUAN HJ; Exploring noncoding  variants in genetic diseases: from detection to functional insights JOURNAL OF GENETICS AND GENOMICS 2024,51(2):111-132 5.9
2024- YIN JL; WU MC; YANG Y; LI P; LI F; LIANG W; LV Z; Research on Multimodal  Emotion Recognition Based on Fusion of Electroencephalogram and  Electrooculography IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT 2024,73( ): - 5.6
2024-MAR WANG GH; CAO LN; LI SQ; ZHANG MH; LI YQ; DUAN JJ; LI Y; HU ZS; WU JA; LI TM;  JIANG M; LU JF; Corticosterone Impairs  Hippocampal Neurogenesis and Behaviors throughp21-Mediated ROS  Accumulation BIOMOLECULES 2024,14(3): - 5.5
2024-FEB SAIMAIER K; HAN SX; LV J; ZHUANG W; XIE L; LIU GY; WANG C; ZHANG R; HUA QH;  SHI CJ; DU CS; Manganese Exacerbates  ConA-Induced Liver Inflammation via the cGAS-STING Signaling Pathway INFLAMMATION 2024,47(1):333-345 5.1
2024-JAN GUO H; ZHAO YL; MU R; ZHANG GD; CHEN SX; CAO XW; LIU KC; LIU YR; DAI BY;  ZHOU Y; WANG C; YANG J; The Protective Effect  of Chronic Intermittent Hypobaric Hypoxia on Preventing the Destruction of  CD34+Haematopoietic Stem Cells in Aplastic Anaemia by Modulating the  Th1/Th2 Balance STEM CELL REVIEWS AND REPORTS 2024,20(1):301-312 4.8
2024-FEB LIANG MX; RAN FL; LI L; HANG HY; AN LL; In vitro evolution of  diagnostic antibodies targeting native antigens in plasma by sandwich flow  cytometry BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL 2024,19(2): - 4.7
2024-MAR LIU YD; ZENG WF; NA WJ; WEI XL; SONG K; WANG YW; ZHU P; WANG H; LIANG W; Stable IL-2 Nano-Assembly  for Improved Anti-Tumor Effect ADVANCED THERAPEUTICS 2024,7(3): - 4.6
2024-FEB WANG P; CHEN LW; WANG N; MIAO L; ZHAO YM; Mitochondrial defects  triggered byamg-1mutation elicit UPRmt and phagocytic clearance during  spermatogenesis inC.elegans DEVELOPMENT 2024,151(3): - 4.6
2024-MAR ZHANG C; RAN FL; DU L; WANG XH; LIU L; LIU JM; CHEN Q; CAO Y; BI LJ; HANG  HY; The Humanization  and Maturation of an Anti-PrPc Antibody BIOENGINEERING-BASEL 2024,11(3): - 4.6
2024-JAN MA WG; GAO Y; YAO XB; ZHANG JH; JIA LA; WANG D; LIN L; BI LJ; XU QX; Circ_UBAP2 exacerbates  proliferation and metastasis of OS via targeting miR-665/miR-370-3p/HMGA1  axis ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY 2024,39(1):212-227 4.5
2024-MAR 12 ZHAO J; CHEN Y; MA FH; SHU H; ZHENG L; LIU Y; LI X; XU T; ZHOU ZG; ZHOU KX; MODY Probability  Calculator Is Suitable for MODY Screening in China: A Population-based  Study JOURNAL OF THE ENDOCRINE SOCIETY 2024,8(5): - 4.1
2024-APR 9 ZHANG QQ; ZHANG YY; LIU N; SUN XY; Understanding of  facial features in face perception: insights from deep convolutional neural  networks FRONTIERS IN COMPUTATIONAL NEUROSCIENCE 2024,18( ): - 3.2
2024-APR LIU Y; XIAO SQ; WANG DB; QIN CY; WEI HL; LI DW; A review on separation  and application of plant-derived exosome-like nanoparticles JOURNAL OF SEPARATION SCIENCE 2024,47(8): - 3.1
2024-JAN TONG SS; ZUO ZT; LIU ZX; SUN DD; ZHOU TG; Hybrid attention mechanism of  feature fusion for medical image segmentation IET IMAGE PROCESSING 2024,18(1):77-87 2.3
2024-JAN SONG YT; SOOMRO MA; DONG XZ; HU GB; Transcriptome analysis  reveals immune-related genes in tissues ofVibrio anguillarum-infected  turbotScophthalmus maximus JOURNAL OF OCEANOLOGY AND LIMNOLOGY 2024,42(1):332-344 1.6
2024-MAR LIU YJ; LIU CM; ZHOU LQ; ZHOU K; The effect of task  relevance on serial dependence in numerosity ACTA PSYCHOLOGICA SINICA 2024,56(3):255-267 1.5