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年月 作者 题名 出处 IF
2024-JAN 2 YAN HW; BU PC; TAMC-derived creatine  sustains glioblastoma growth CELL METABOLISM 2024,36(1):1-3 29
2024-2024 JAN 2 OU QM; QIAO XH; LI ZS; NIU LH; LEI FC; CHENG RF; XIE T; YANG N; LIU Y; FU L;  YANG J; MAO XL; KOU XX; CHEN C; SHI ST; Apoptosis releases  hydrogen sulfide to inhibit Th17 cell differentiation CELL METABOLISM 2024,36(1): - 29
2024-DEC LV W; SHEN ZL; LI XD; MENG JW; YANG WJ; DING F; JU X; YE F; LI YM; LYU X;  WANG MM; TIAN YL; XU C; Discovering Cathodic  Biocompatibility for Aqueous Zn-MnO2Battery: An Integrating Biomass  Carbon Strategy NANO-MICRO LETTERS 2024,16(1): - 26.6
2024-2024 FEB 5 MA XL; ZHANG H; Compositional  plasticity of the Atg1 complex NATURE CELL BIOLOGY 2024, ( ): - 21.3
2024-2024 FEB 13 MUHAMMAD P; ZADA A; RASHID J; HANIF S; GAO YN; LI CC; LI YY; FAN KL; WANG  YL; Defect Engineering in  Nanocatalysts: From Design and Synthesis to Applications ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 2024, ( ): - 19
2023-2023 AUG 31 LYU M; LUO M; LI JY; AKAKURU OU; FAN XW; CAO Z; FAN KL; JIANG W; Personalized Carbon  Monoxide-Loaded Biomimetic Single-Atom Nanozyme for Ferroptosis-Enhanced FLASH  Radioimmunotherapy ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 2023, ( ): - 19
2023-DEC 30 YANG N; YU ZY; Unraveling the  mechanism ofde novonucleosome assembly SCIENCE BULLETIN 2023,68(24):3091-3093 18.9
2024-2024 FEB DING JW; LUO WD; WU T; CAI SF; PAN Z; LI HL; TU B; FANG QJ; YAN XY; YANG R; Atomic-thick porous  Pd nanosheets with antioxidant enzyme-like activities and photothermal  properties for potential Alzheimer's disease treatment NANO TODAY 2024,54( ): - 17.4
2024-2024 FEB WANG KD; MENG XQ; YAN XY; FAN KL; Nanozyme-based  point-of-care testing: Revolutionizing environmental pollutant detection with  high efficiency and low cost NANO TODAY 2024,54( ): - 17.4
2024-JAN 12 FAN HZ; ZHANG RF; FAN KL; GAO LZ; YAN XY; Exploring the  Specificity of Nanozymes ACS NANO 2024,18(4):2533-2540 17.1
2024-JAN 29 HUO YW; KONG LF; ZHANG Y; XIAO M; DU K; XU SYT; YAN XX; MA J; WEI TT; Structural and  biochemical insights into the mechanism of the Gabija bacterial immunity  system NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2024,15(1): - 16.6
2023-NOV 28 WANG HF; YANG Q; LIU XC; XU ZL; SHAO ML; LI DX; DUAN YK; TANG JL; YU XQ;  ZHANG YM; HAO AH; WANG YJ; CHEN J; ZHU CH; GUDDAT L; CHEN HL; ZHANG LK; CHEN XW;  JIANG B; SUN L; RAO ZH; YANG HT; Structure-based  discovery of dual pathway inhibitors for SARS-CoV-2 entry NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023,14(1): - 16.6
2024-JAN 15 WU YJ; ZHAO MH; DENG HY; WANG T; XIN YM; DAI WF; HUANG JC; ZHOU TT; SUN XW;  LIU N; XING DJ; The neural origin for  asymmetric coding of surface color in the primate visual cortex NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2024,15(1): - 16.6
2024-2024 JAN 31 WANG TX; TANG WQ; ZHAO ZY; ZHAO R; LV ZY; GUO XZ; GU QC; LIU BX; LV HY; CHEN  JY; ZHANG KQ; LI FH; WANG JY; Fenofibrate Recognition  and GqProtein Coupling Mechanisms of the Human Cannabinoid Receptor  CB1 ADVANCED SCIENCE 2024, ( ): - 15.1
2024-2024 JAN ZHANG YG; LEI YM; DONG YB; CHEN SW; SUN SY; ZHOU FG; ZHAO ZW; CHEN BN; WEI  L; CHEN J; MENG ZJ; Emerging roles  of RNA ac4C modification and NAT10 in mammalian development and human  diseases PHARMACOLOGY & THERAPEUTICS 2024,253( ): - 13.5
2024-DEC 31 HUANG LL; ZHAO TY; ZHAO WJ; SHAO AD; ZHAO HJ; MA WX; GONG YF; ZENG XH; WENG  CZ; BU LL; DI ZH; SUN SY; DAI QS; SUN MH; WANG LM; LIU ZG; SHI LL; HU JS; FANG  ST; ZHANG C; ZHANG J; WANG G; LOR茅 K; YANG Y; LIN A; Herpes zoster mRNA  vaccine induces superior vaccine immunity over licensed vaccine in mice and  rhesus macaques EMERGING MICROBES & INFECTIONS 2024,13(1): - 13.2
2024-JAN 3 FENG H; YANG LP; YANG H; CHENG DW; LI M; SONG EL; XU T; A  cardiotoxicity-eliminated ACE2 variant as a pan-inhibitor against coronavirus  cell invasion MOLECULAR THERAPY 2024,32(1):218-226 12.4
2024-2024 JAN 19 WU YF; TIAN J; SUN MM; GAO LZ; XU J; NIU ZQ; Embedding an esterase mimic  inside polyesters to realize rapid and complete degradation without compromising  their utility GREEN CHEMISTRY 2024, ( ): - 9.8
2024-JAN 9 SHI HJ; TAN ZY; DUAN BW; GUO CM; LI C; LUAN T; LI N; HUANG YL; CHEN S; GAO  JX; FENG W; XU HL; WANG JS; FU S; WANG HF; LASS2 enhances  chemosensitivity to cisplatin by inhibiting PP2A-mediated 尾-catenin  dephosphorylation in a subset of stem-like bladder cancer cells BMC MEDICINE 2024,22(1): - 9.3
2024-FEB 3 ZHAO HJ; SHAO XY; YU YT; HUANG LL; AMOR NP; GUO K; WENG CZ; ZHAO WJ; YANG  AL; HU JS; YANG HB; LIU ZG; HAN QJ; SHI LL; SUN SY; ZHANG J; LIN A; YANG Y; A therapeutic  hepatitis B mRNA vaccine with strong immunogenicity and persistent virological  suppression NPJ VACCINES 2024,9(1): - 9.2
2024-2024 JAN 26 CHEN K; LIU WJ; ZHU J; KOU XC; ZHAO YH; WANG H; JIANG CZ; GAO SR; KANG L; Pivotal role for long  noncoding RNAs in zygotic genome activation in mice SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2024, ( ): - 9.1
2024-JAN 23 WANG YQ; ZHANG ZY; YANG MN; XIONG XY; YAN QH; CAO L; WEI PL; ZHANG YT; ZHANG  L; LV KX; CHEN JT; LIU XS; ZHAO XC; XIAO JX; ZHANG SN; ZHU AR; GAN M; ZHANG JJ;  CAI RX; ZHUO JF; ZHANG YJ; RAO HY; QU B; ZHANG YY; CHEN L; DAI J; CHENG LL; HU  QT; CHEN YQ; LV HB; SO RTY; PEIRIS M; ZHAO JX; LIU XQ; MOK CKP; WANG XX; ZHAO  JC; Identification of a  broad sarbecovirus neutralizing antibody targeting a conserved epitope on the  receptor-binding domain CELL REPORTS 2024,43(1): - 8.8
2023-JAN 2 ZHOU S; FU ZF; ZHANG ZW; JIA X; XU GJ; SUN L; SUN F; GAO P; XU PY; DENG HY; Liquid-liquid phase  separation mediates the formation of herpesvirus assembly compartments JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 2023,222(1): - 7.8
2023-JAN 2 SUN S; LI X; MARIAPPAN M; Signal sequences encode  information for protein folding in the endoplasmic reticulum JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 2023,222(1): - 7.8
2024-2024 JAN 31 WANG W; AN JY; ZHAO RZ; GENG X; JIANG W; YAN XY; JIANG B; Nanozymes: a new approach for  leukemia therapy JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY B 2024, ( ): - 7
2023-DEC JIAN FC; FENG LL; YANG SJ; YU YL; WANG L; SONG WL; YISIMAYI A; CHEN XS; XU  YL; WANG P; YU LL; WANG J; LIU L; NIU X; WANG J; XIAO TH; AN R; WANG Y; GU QQ;  SHAO F; JIN RH; SHEN ZY; WANG YC; WANG XX; CAO YL; Convergent  evolution of SARS-CoV-2 XBB lineages on receptor-binding domain 455-456  synergistically enhances antibody evasion and ACE2 binding PLOS PATHOGENS 2023,19(12): - 6.7
2024-JAN 24 PUTAR D; CIZMAR A; CHAO XT; SIMIC M; SOSTAR M; CUTIC T; MIJANOVIC L; SMOLKO  A; TU H; COSSON P; WEBER I; CAI HQ; FILIC V; IqgC is a potent regulator  of macropinocytosis in the presence of NF1 and its loading to macropinosomes is  dependent on RasG OPEN BIOLOGY 2024,14(1): - 5.8
2024-JAN 19 LIU XH; PATIL S; GUO XM; WEN FQ; ZHANG XY; ZHONG ZX; WANG XL; Clinical,  epidemiological, and drug resistance insights into HIV-positive patients in  Meizhou, China FRONTIERS IN CELLULAR AND INFECTION MICROBIOLOGY 2024,13( ): - 5.7
2024-JAN XIAO HJ; XU Y; CUI S; WANG JH; Neuroligin-3-Mediated  Synapse Formation Strengthens Interactions between Hippocampus and Barrel Cortex  in Associative Memory INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2024,25(2): - 5.6
2023-SEP DING XA; ZHANG D; REN QQ; HU YL; WANG JF; HAO J; WANG HR; ZHAO XL; WANG XC;  SONG CW; DU JX; YANG FQ; ZHU HY; Identification of a  Non-Invasive Urinary Exosomal Biomarker for Diabetic Nephropathy Using  Data-Independent Acquisition Proteomics INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2023,24(17): - 5.6
2023-SEP 6 WANG YL; ZHU Y; LI WR; YAN SX; LI C; MA KP; HU MQ; DU CL; FU L; SUN JY;  ZHANG CX; Synaptotagmin-11  Inhibits Synaptic Vesicle Endocytosis via Endophilin A1 JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2023,43(36):6230-6248 5.3
2024-JAN YU JF; XU JT; FENG A; QI BL; GU J; DENG JY; ZHANG XE; Competition between  H4PteGlu and H2PtePAS Conferspara-Aminosalicylic  Acid Resistance inMycobacterium tuberculosis ANTIBIOTICS-BASEL 2024,13(1): - 4.8
2024-JAN 5 WANG XY; WANG Y; HOU JJ; LIU HY; ZENG R; LI XY; HAN M; LI QR; JI LN; PAN DS;  JIA WP; ZHONG W; XU T; Plasma proteome  profiling reveals the therapeutic effects of the PPAR pan-agonist chiglitazar on  insulin sensitivity, lipid metabolism, and inflammation in type 2  diabetes SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2024,14(1): - 4.6
2024-JAN 9 HU YX; WANG H; JOSHUA M; YANG Y; Sensorimotor-linked  reward modulates smooth pursuit eye movements in monkeys FRONTIERS IN NEUROSCIENCE 2024,17( ): - 4.3
2024-FEB ZHANG LH; GUO H; ZHANG XG; WANG L; WEI F; ZHAO YK; WANG B; MENG YB; LI YL; Small nucleolar RNA  Snora73 promotes psoriasis progression by sponging miR-3074-5p and regulating  PBX1 expression FUNCTIONAL & INTEGRATIVE GENOMICS 2024,24(1): - 2.9