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2023-AUG 25 LIU CP; YU ZY; XIONG J; HU J; SONG AQ; DING DB; YU C; YANG N; WANG MZ; YU J;  HOU PN; ZENG KN; LI ZY; ZHANG ZQ; ZHANG XZ; LI W; ZHANG ZG; ZHU B; LI GH; XU RM; Structural insights into  histone binding and nucleosome assembly by chromatin assembly factor-1 SCIENCE 2023,381(6660):850-+ 63.832
2023-2023 NOV 7 LAI FN; LI LJ; HU XY; LIU BF; ZHU ZQ; LIU L; FAN Q; TIAN HB; XU K; LU XK; LI  Q; FENG K; WANG LJ; LIN ZL; DENG HY; LI JS; XIE W; NR5A2 connects  zygotic genome activation to the first lineage segregation in totipotent  embryos CELL RESEARCH 2023, ( ): - 46.351
2023-2023 NOV 6 ZHENG L; YANG TT; GUO HT; QI C; LU YC; XIAO HN; GAO Y; LIU Y; YANG YX; ZHOU  MR; NGUYEN HC; ZHU Y; SUN F; ZHANG CY; JI XY; Cryo-EM structures of  human SID-1 transmembrane family proteins and implications for their  low-pH-dependent RNA transport activity CELL RESEARCH 2023, ( ): - 46.351
2023-2023 OCT 27 WEI RF; HAN X; LI MY; JI Y; ZHANG LF; CHRISTODOULOU MI; AGA NJH; ZHANG CY;  GAO R; LIU JN; FU JR; LU GP; XIAO XJ; LIU XY; YANG PC; MCINNES IB; SUN Y; GAO  PS; QIN C; HUANG SK; ZHOU YF; XU DM; The nuclear cytokine  IL-37a controls lethal cytokine storms primarily via IL-1R8-independent  transcriptional upregulation of PPAR纬 CELLULAR & MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY 2023, ( ): - 22.1
2023-OCT YUE HY; LI AX; TANG YH; CHEN RS; TapHi-C for  profiling genome-wide chromosome conformation capture TRENDS IN PLANT SCIENCE 2023,28(10):1192-1193 22.012
2023-AUG 17 HUANG L; WANG YW; LONG HZ; ZHU HQ; WEN ZQ; ZHANG LW; ZHANG WH; GUO ZQ; WANG  LG; TANG FY; HU J; BAO KY; ZHU P; LI GH; ZHOU Z; Structural insight  into H4K20 methylation on H2A.Z-nucleosome by SUV420H1 MOLECULAR CELL 2023,83(16):2884-+ 19.328
2023-2023 NOV 1 SONG GX; TIAN CH; LI JH; ZHANG F; PENG YX; GAO X; TIAN Y; Rapid characterization of  anti-CRISPR proteins and optogenetically engineered variants using a versatile  plasmid interference system NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2023, ( ): - 19.16
2023-2023 NOV 6 ZHENG CS; WEI YJ; ZHANG P; LIN KY; HE DD; TENG HQ; MANYAM G; ZHANG Z; LIU W;  LEE HRL; TANG XM; HE W; ISLAM N; JAIN A; CHIU Y; CAO SL; DIAO YR; MEYER-GAUEN S;  HOEOEK M; MALOVANNAYA A; LI WB; HU M; WANG WY; XU H; KOPETZ S; CHEN YW; CRISPR-Cas9-based  functional interrogation of unconventional translatome reveals human cancer  dependency on cryptic non-canonical open reading frames NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2023, ( ): - 18.361
2023-2023 OCT 26 ZHANG XY; TANG LH; NIE JW; ZHANG CR; HAN XA; LI QY; QIN L; WANG MH; HUANG  XH; YU FF; SU M; WANG YC; XU RM; GUO Y; XIE Q; CHEN YH; Structure and  activation mechanism of the rice Salt Overly Sensitive 1 (SOS1)  Na+/H+antiporter NATURE PLANTS 2023, ( ): - 17.352
2023-2023 OCT 27 LUO YF; MA XL; QIU YF; LU Y; SHEN SY; LI Y; GAO HY; CHEN K; ZHOU JW; HU TY;  TU LC; ZHAO H; LI D; LENG FQ; GAO W; JIANG T; LIU CL; HUANG LQ; WU RB; TONG YR; Structural and Catalytic  Insight into the Unique Pentacyclic Triterpene Synthase TwOSC ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2023, ( ): - 16.823
2023- WANG RR; NI C; LOU XH; ZHANG LJ; WANG LL; YAO XH; DUAN XX; WAN JJ; LI P; QIN  ZH; IFN纬 blockade in capillary  leak site improves tumour chemotherapy by inhibiting lactate-induced endocytosis  of vascular endothelial-cadherins INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2023,19(5):1490-1508 10.75
2023-NOV 28 LV ZY; MENG J; YAO S; XIAO F; LI SL; SHI HY; CUI C; CHEN KX; LUO XM; YE Y;  CHEN C; Naringenin improves  muscle endurance via activation of the Sp1-ERRg transcriptional axis CELL REPORTS 2023,42(11): - 9.995
2023-2023 OCT 31 LI QJ; GAO P; Phase separation in  cGAS-STING signaling FRONTIERS OF MEDICINE 2023, ( ): - 9.927
2023-NOV SHI Y; RUAN HF; XU YN; ZOU CL; Cholesterol,  Eukaryotic Lipid Domains, and an Evolutionary Perspective of Transmembrane  Signaling COLD SPRING HARBOR PERSPECTIVES IN BIOLOGY 2023,15(11): - 9.708
2023-2023 OCT 13 GUO H; ZHAO YL; MU R; ZHANG GD; CHEN SX; CAO XW; LIU KC; LIU YR; DAI BY;  ZHOU Y; WANG C; YANG J; The Protective Effect  of Chronic Intermittent Hypobaric Hypoxia on Preventing the Destruction of  CD34+Haematopoietic Stem Cells in Aplastic Anaemia by Modulating the  Th1/Th2 Balance STEM CELL REVIEWS AND REPORTS 2023, ( ): - 6.692
2023-OCT CAO Z; ZHANG Q; ZHOU ZY; XU SM; PAN B; ZHANG SY; ZHANG GX; ZHI ZL; SHI YM;  CUI LJ; LIU PS; Construction and  application of artificial lipoproteins using adiposomes JOURNAL OF LIPID RESEARCH 2023,64(10): - 6.676
2023-OCT 5 YANG Q; WU CL; ZHU DJ; LI JX; CHENG J; ZHANG XZ; The reduction of FIB  damage on cryo-lamella by lowering energy of ion beam revealed by a quantitative  analysis STRUCTURE 2023,31(10): - 5.871
2023-OCT 5 LIANG JX; YANG XA; HU TY; GAO Y; YANG Q; YANG HT; PENG W; ZHOU XT; GUDDAT  LW; ZHANG B; RAO ZH; LIU FJ; Structural insights  into trehalose capture and translocation by mycobacterial LpqY-SugABC STRUCTURE 2023,31(10):1158-+ 5.871
2023-2023 OCT 27 XIAO L; YANG QF; TAN JJ; MA BF; CHEN DL; Engineering a  Cl--Modulated Light-Driven Na+Pump CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 2023, ( ): - 5.02
2023-OCT YANG QF; CHEN DL; Na+Binding  and Transport: Insights from Light-Driven Na+-Pumping  Rhodopsin MOLECULES 2023,28(20): - 4.927
2023-SEP CEN XY; LI ZL; CHEN XP; Ubiquitination in the  regulation of autophagy ACTA BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA SINICA 2023,55(9):1348-1357 3.511
2023-NOV 1 WU H; ZUO ZT; YUAN ZJ; ZHOU TG; ZHUO Y; ZHENG NN; CHEN BD; Neural  representation of gestalt grouping and attention effect in human visual  cortex JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE METHODS 2023,399( ): - 2.987
2023-2023 NOV 1 LIU YD; ZENG WF; NA WJ; WEI XL; SONG K; WANG YW; ZHU P; WANG H; LIANG W; Stable IL-2 Nano-Assembly  for Improved Anti-Tumor Effect ADVANCED THERAPEUTICS 2023, ( ): - 0
2023-OCT 25 LIU F; WANG J; XU RM; YANG N; Energy landscape  quantifications of histone H3.3 recognition by chaperone DAXX reveal an  uncoupled binding specificity and affinity PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2023,25(41):27981-27993 0
2023-OCT HE CY; ZHOU WB; JIN XX; ZHOU HN; Derepressing of  STAT3 and USP7 contributes to resistance of DLBCL to EZH2 inhibition HELIYON 2023,9(10): - 0
2023-2023 OCT 27 LIU F; LIU Z; CHENG WS; ZHAO QQ; ZHANG XY; ZHANG H; YU M; XU H; GAO YC;  JIANG QR; SHI GJ; WANG LK; GU SS; WANG J; CAO N; CHEN ZY; The PERK Branch of the  Unfolded Protein Response Safeguards Protein Homeostasis and Mesendoderm  Specification of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells ADVANCED SCIENCE 2023, ( ): - 0
2023-2023 OCT 8 SAIMAIER K; HAN SX; LV J; ZHUANG W; XIE L; LIU GY; WANG C; ZHANG R; HUA QH;  SHI CJ; DU CS; Manganese Exacerbates  ConA-Induced Liver Inflammation via the cGAS-STING Signaling Pathway INFLAMMATION 2023, ( ): - 0
2023-SEP 2 MA Z; ZHANG XF; ZHONG W; YI HY; CHEN XW; ZHAO YS; MA YL; SONG EL; XU T; Deciphering early  human pancreas development at the single-cell level NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023,14(1): - 0
2023-OCT XU JK; YANG QF; MA BF; LI LJ; KONG F; XIAO L; CHEN DL; K+-Dependent  Photocycle and Photocurrent Reveal the Uptake of K+in Light-Driven  Sodium Pump INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2023,24(19): - 0
2023-2023 OCT 19 CHEN JW; XU QJ; LIU D; LI X; GUO MY; CHEN XH; LIAO JY; LEI R; LI WD; HUANG  HY; SAW PE; SONG ER; YAN XY; NIE Y; CD146 promotes malignant  progression of breast phyllodes tumor through suppressing DCBLD2 degradation and  activating the AKT pathway CANCER COMMUNICATIONS 2023, ( ): - 0
2023-JUN WEN W; ZHANG P; ZHAO C; WANG Y; Layer-dependent amblyopic deficits in  feedforward and lateral processing in human early visual cortex INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE 2023,64(8): - 0
2023-NOV 7 YAN KW; JI QZ; ZHAO DX; LI MH; SUN XY; WANG ZH; LIU XQ; LIU ZP; LI HY; DING  YJ; WANG S; BELMONTE JCI; QU J; ZHANG WQ; LIU GH; SGF29 nuclear  condensates reinforce cellular aging CELL DISCOVERY 2023,9(1): - 0
2023-2023 OCT 27 FANG L; ZHANG RF; SHI L; XIE JY; MA L; YANG YL; YAN XY; FAN KL; Protein-Nanocaged  Selenium Induces t(8;21) Leukemia Cell Differentiation via Epigenetic  Regulation ADVANCED SCIENCE 2023, ( ): - 0
2023-OCT 26 SONG GY; HUANG XY; HE MJ; ZHOU HY; LI RT; TIAN Y; WANG Y; CHENG ML; CHEN X;  ZHANG RR; ZHOU C; ZHOU J; FANG XY; LI XF; QIN CF; A single amino acid  substitution in the capsid protein of Zika virus contributes to a neurovirulent  phenotype NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023,14(1): - 0
2023-JUN 5 LI A; LIU HY; LEI X; HE YN; WU Q; YAN Y; ZHOU X; TIAN XH; PENG YJ; HUANG SZ;  LI KX; WANG M; SUN YQ; YAN H; ZHANG C; HE S; HAN RQ; WANG XQ; LIU B; Hierarchical  fluctuation shapes a dynamic flow linked to states of consciousness NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023,14(1): - 0
2022-JUN 1 WANG L; LU J; JI W; WAN LY; GU LS; Interferometrical  single-molecule localization based on dynamic PSF engineering (vol 47, 1770,  2022) OPTICS LETTERS 2022,47(11):2870-2870 0
2023-2023 NOV 6 DONG X; LIU LJ; DU XX; WANG Y; ZHANG P; LI ZH; BAO M; Treating amblyopia using  altered reality enhances the fine-scale functional correlations in early visual  areas HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING 2023, ( ): - 0
2023-NOV LI XZ; LIU CH; ZHANG ZM; LI XY; YAO ZC; DONG YB; WANG X; CHEN Z; Hepatocyte-specific  Wtap deficiency promotes hepatocellular carcinoma by activating GRB2-ERK  depending on downregulation of proteasome-related genes JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2023,299(11): - 0